Cellular Manufacturing

“System Type I”

A common layout uses a standard 2210 and 2230 series flat belt and adjustable angle cleated belt conveyors.  Application: Press discharges parts on to an under the press conveyor with automatic reversing controls, where “Bad Shots” and or “Sample” shots are discharged on the non-operator side of the press.  “Good” shots are delivered out the control side to the horizontal to incline conveyor which then transfers parts onto a work table, feeder bowl…etc. Conveyors for the plastics industry are sized for your application with many options available.

Cellular Manufacturing

“System Type II”

Another common utilizes a standard (DVR) or custom diverting chute,  a 2220 series cleated belt incline conveyor and aAS-36 auger separator for parts & molded runners.  Application: Press discharges parts into the supplied automatic diverter, “Bad” or “Sample” shots are discharged out the non-operator side, while “good” shots are discharged out the other side and into a cleated belt incline conveyor that delivers parts and runners to an automatic part runner separator. The separator is engineered to be right over the top of the press side granulator.  Runners in this case are smaller than the parts and the parts are conveyed out the end of the separator into an awaiting box set upon a pre-engineered and integrated shelf system. Conveyors, Diverters, and Auger Separators are sized for your application with many options available for all equipment.

” Automated Manufacturing Cell”

The automated cell utilizes a standard U-Slide parts chute, a 2230 series horizontal to incline conveyor, an AS-36auger separator, (2) 2220 series cleated belt conveyors and a In-Line box fill sytem by weigh scale.  Application: Press discharges parts into the supplied U-slide and are discharged out to the 2230 series horizontal to incline conveyor were parts and runners are discharged into the part/runner separator. The runners are larger and carry out the end of the auger and into a 2220 series cleated belt conveyor thereby carrying runners to regrind.  The parts pass through the gap set for the auger separator into another “metering” conveyor that delivers the parts to the in-line box fill system controlled weight scale measuring.  This system simply performs all functions in one manufacturing cell.

These products are a simple, cost effective and are a high performance way to assist your organization in staying ahead of the competition. Contact us today to learn more.

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