Novatec DryTemp

We’ve had very good feedback and we’re excited to introduce another revolutionary product development and approach…TheDryTemp+

This is a product jointly developed in close partnership with Advantage Engineering that combines a Novatec NWB-DC+ drying and conveying system, with the Advantage Engineering industry leading Sentra Mold Temperature Control (TCU) technology built into the dryer cabinet!  Included is the Advantage patented AVT Modulating Valve technology that provides the most precise mold temperature control and resistance to plugging on the market.

With this innovative approach, Novatec and Advantage are uniquely positioned to provide integrated cellular Drying, Conveying and Mold Temperature Control technology in one compact footprint unit.  Some of the exciting advancements and components include:

  • A single Siemens Touchscreen Control is used to interface with all the functions of the system.  The Siemens PLC controls the dryer functions and communicates directly with the onboard Advantage microprocessor that controls and monitors all functions of the TCU units(s).  Both the dryer and TCU use their native stand-alone controls with a convenient single point interface on the touchscreen.
  • Built in trending and tracking of drying and mold temperature parameters
  • Menu driven recipe storage and access for both resin drying and mold temp setup
  • “Barcode Scanner Ready” control technology that allows processors to provide their own barcode technology to interface with the DryTemp+ in order to minimize personnel input mistakes (barcode interface and data tables provided, barcode hardware and integration provided by the user)
  • Ethernet enable control platform to allow for interface with customer quality and production control systems
  • Tilt-out mounting of the MoldTemp unit to allow for easy access for normal required maintenance
  • 5 – Year warranty standard!

The DryTemp+ is available in dryer sizes up to 150 lbs/hr, and can be equipped with single or dual zone mold temperature control.  The industry leading features you have come to expect from both companies are included in this line including Overdry Protection, Intelligent Regen, a Drip Proof Motor on the TCU, custom designed impeller housing and heating and cooling cylinders, and so much more…

We’re very excited about this technology and we hope you, our customer will be as well.  We asked ourselves why our competitors who own both drying and TCU technologies hadn’t done this before, and we couldn’t think of any reason except short-sightedness…so we did and we patented the features and approach!

The DryTemp+ will be released at the NPE in May and will be available for sale and delivery in June…

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