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                                                                                                                                          January 2004 Volume 1

What’s New

Dust Free Regrind

Hosokawa Polymer Systems has introduced a new line of dedusting systems.  This multicavity deduster, the MZF is capable of removing dust and contaminant from regrind at capacities up to 20,000 PPH.  It is an excellent solution to post consumer recycling where separation of paper, fiber and dirt is essential.  The MZF is also used for large scale central granulating on such applications as blow molding and where engineered resins are used. This new line augments their DE dedusting line which is used for applications from 20-7000 PPH.  Doug Ort, General Manager of Hosokawa Polymer Systems says “While the concept is simple, we make sure our dedusting systems are adjustable to meet the many different applications and customer specific requirements.”  With no moving parts, durability is ensured even on abrasive materials.  Airflow and eddy currents in a baffled chamber separate fines and contaminants from good regrind based on density and geometry differences.  These streams are channeled to different collection points; the clean regrind to a surgebin, gaylord or silo and the dust to a cyclone or self cleaning baghouse.  There are many diverse applications for our equipment such as fines, paint, paper, foam and fiber removal.  Dedusting ensures better processing of regrind in all these applications.

Hosokawa Polymer Systems also offers a complete line of granulators from 4-600 HP, pulverizing systems and dedusting systems to meet any recycling need.

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