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Watt Wattcher 2000
Granulator Control

  • Saves electricity costs
  • Automatically shuts off unused machine
  • Automatically starts machine when parts enter feed chutes
  • Increases life of blades, motor, belts, bearings and screens
  • Adjustable timer delays shutoff from 20 seconds to 2 minutes


This controller consists of a photoelectric eye and vibration detector.  The vibration detector automatically shuts off the granulator motor when it's idling.  The photoelectric eye instantly turns it back on when the operator feeds the machine.  Use the Watt Wattcher 2000 Granulator Controller to reduce energy and maintenance costs.  By limiting granulator operation, you extend the machine's service life.  A simple one-time calibration will ensure that the Watt Wattcher 2000 is working properly with your machine.           

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