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Please check out our Supplies & Accessories Listing Below ....** Samples Available UPON REQUEST

Acid Vapor Neutralizer ** Mold & Metal Polish **
Air Amplifiers Mold & Metal Wipes **
Air Cooled Cast-In Heaters Mold Cleaners **
Air Jets Mold Degreaser **
Air Knives Mold Release; Silicone, Paintable**
Air Nozzles Mold Release; Non-Silicone **
Air Operated Conveyors Mold Shield Rust Preventive **
Air Wipes Multi-Loop Controllers
Band Heaters: Ceramic, Nozzle, Barrel Multi-Zone Controllers
Barrel Band Heaters Non-Silicone Mold Release **
Bayonet Adapters Nozzle Band Heaters
Bayonet Type Thermocouple Paintable Mold Release **
Bed Knives & Screens Plastic Melt Bolts
Cartridge Heaters; High & Low Density Plug & Jack Panels
Cast-In Heaters: Special Shapes Polish: Mold, Metal **
Ceramic Band Heaters Porcelain Wire Connectors
Ceramic Infrared Panel Heaters: Flat & Curved Pressure Transducers
Ceramic Infrared Rod Heaters Processor Controllers
Ceramic Infrared Screw-In Bulb Heaters Proximity Switches
Channel Strip Heaters Purging Compounds **
Cleaner Plus Degreaser ** Ramp/Soak Temperature Controls
Cleaners; Mold ** Resin Remover**
Coil Heaters Rotor Knives & Screens
Communication Controls Rupture Disc
Compressed Air Products Rust Preventives **
Controllers: Limit, Ramp/Soak, Power SCR Power Controls
Controllers: Single Loop, Multi-Loop Screens
Cool Only Maxi-bands Screw Plug Immersion Heater
Custom Heaters Shredder Knives & Screens
Custom Made Cast-In Heaters Silicone Mold Release **
Degreaser: Mold ** Silicone Remover **
DIN Rail Mounted: SSR, Temperature Controller Slide Products**
Electric Infrared Heaters Solid State Relays (SSR): AC & DC
Extruder Pressure Rupture Disc Static Eliminators
Finned Strip Heaters Stationary Knives & Screens
Fly Knives & Screens Strip Heaters; Mica Insulated, Channel, Finned
Gas Infrared Heaters; High & Low Intensity Super Grease **
Glass & Plastic Cleaner ** System Controls
Granulating Knives & Screens Tempco Heaters
Heat & Liquid Cool Maxi-bands Temperature Controllers
High Limit Temperature Controllers Temperature Indicators
High Temperature Porcelain Wire Connectors Thermocouple Extension Wire
High Temperature Ring Terminals Thermocouple Wire
High Temperature Wire Thermocouples (J, K, T, E)  
High-Density Cartridge Heaters Thermocouples, Infrared
Immersion Heaters Thermocouples: Mineral Insulated 
Infrared Heaters; Gas or Electric Thermometers
Infrared Radiation Systems Heaters Tilt Switches
Infrared Thermocouples Tubular Nozzle Band Heaters
Injector Pin Grease ** Water Flow Indicators
J Type Thermocouples Water Hook-Up Fittings
Jack Panels Water Hook-Up Hose
K Type Thermocouples Water Manifolds
Low-Density Cartridge Heaters Wipes: Mold, Metal **
Lubricants: Injector Pin ** Wire Connectors
Lubricants: Silicone, Dry Film ** Wire Ring Terminals
Maxi-Band Heaters Wire, High Temperature
Melt Bolt Thermocouple  
Melt Pressure Gauges

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Melt Pressure Transducers
Melt Pressure Transmitters
Mercury Contactors: SP, DP, TP
Mercury Switches: SP, DP, TP
Mica Band Heaters
Mica Insulated Strip Heaters
Mineral Insulated Band Heaters
Mineral Insulated Thermocouple
Mi-Plus Band Heaters