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March 2004 Volume 2

Whats New


Hosokawa Polymer Systems is offering a new line of screenless slow speed granulators. We first

introduced these models at NPE2003 with our Size2 and Twin5. Our models have now grown to over 15

sizes from HP up to 15 HP and cutting chambers of 5x 4.5 to 30x 33. What are the advantages of

our screenless slow speed granulators? There are many. Slow speed, 25 RPM equals low fines

generation, low noise levels, low power consumption and low wear. Our clamshell design is also easy to

clean and very safe. There are no more awkward knife changes or rotor coast downs. These models are

ideal for many applications from small thin runners (to eliminate longs) to large tough thick walled parts.

Tough applications on engineered resins or glass filled material are no problem for these units. We even

offer a reversing control to eliminate jamming 100%. Only our models have the torque needed to

granulate heavy parts! I/P, Bumpers, Trim, TV housings, Nylon, Glass filled, ABS, you name it we

granulate it. How would you like to run press-side granulators using 5-10 times less energy while

producing less dust, less noise, less wear and using less floor space? What about that large part you need

to granulate. A conventional 50 HP grinding system with conveyor, cyclone and blower can be replaced

with a twin rotor screenless slow speed model at 30% less cost, 50% less power consumption and 1/4 of

the floor space (WOW). Our larger units, in addition to all the great features of our smaller ones also

offers a rotary rammer which forces larger part to the cutting rotors. Is this too good to be true but? No,

it is true. What are the disadvantages? The capacity of these granulators is far less the conventional

granulators and some applications do not lend themselves to this design. Examples are PET bottles, film

and fiber. With the hundreds of other applications, these granulators have many uses and the potential to

save money, space and meet OSHA noise requirements are numerous.

Hosokawa Polymer Systems also offers a complete line of granulators from 4-600 HP, pulverizing

systems and dedusting systems to meet any recycling need


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