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     NPE 2009


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HFA will be located at booth #  S40052. We look forward to seeing everyone at the industry show case. HFA will be showing our latest category, which includes our new DG-175 portable resin /dry goods bag with capacity for 385 lbs. of material.  We have also launched  Gaylord and barrel covers.  Also, just introduced are our tapered mold chutes manufactured in two sizes.  We will also be displaying our redesigned 2280 Series power roller conveyor and our NEW 3-Way parts diverters (DVR).

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2280 case conveyor indexing
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Plant Wide_top_view_trunk_curvesPlant Wide System 

"System Type I"

A common layout as shown, uses HFA standard 2210 and 2210C curved series belt conveyors.  Application: In the example shown IMM press mounted robots discharge parts on press side conveyors, parts are then transported to a "trunk-line" type conveyor. A curved belt conveyor is used for a clean layout. Typical systems have "Traffic Control" intersections at each feeding press conveyor, as a method of preventing flow and or part surface damage due to part on part contact. Trunk-line systems are a great way to organize your molding facility.  Conveyors are sized for your application with many options available.
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2280 Trunk line for casesPlant Wide Systems  

"System Type II"

Another common layout as shown, utilizes a standard a 2280 and 2280C Series power roller and power roller curve conveyor.  Application: Case moving plant wide systems comprised of both power roller conveyors and belt conveyors oriented to move completed cases though out plant at either floor level or elevated conveyors to free up floor space. The conveyors can be continuous running or "zero pressure accumlation" type. Options include pop-up transfer stations allowing to make right angle flow changes if required.                                       Overhead conveyor
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Box Filling Station type with AGVPlant Wide Systems
"Press-Side Filling System"  

Plant wide systems can incorporate at the press filling systems which fill the conatiners via cycle count or by weigh scale systems, once completed the containers are either picked up by a guided vehicle or delivered to a trunk-line conveyor.  Application: The application shown uses a 2250 series under the press conveyor to deliver loose parts to a in-line box filling system by cycle count.  Once the box is filled,  a signal is sent to a main control station and a Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) is sent to the required press to deliver an empty container and retrieve the full container.  The AGV transports the full container to a warehouse for further processing. 

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These products are a simple, cost effective and are a high performance way to assist your organization in staying ahead of the competition. 



These products are a simple, cost effective and high performance 
way to assist your organization in staying ahead of the competition.
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